Teach Yourself Self-Defense!
That Actually Works on the Streets... Instant Access!
This is One of the Best Street Fighting Books Around
Inside this four-part self-defense training manual, you will learn:

The Principles of Self-Defense. The information in this section is more valuable from a self-defense point of view than any of the individual techniques.

Basic Self-Defense Techniques. Simple and effective moves to escape your attacker(s) and get to safety.

Advanced Strikes & Strategies. Use these tactics when the basic self-defense techniques are too aggressive, such as in a "friendly" pub or schoolyard brawl.

Weapon Disarms. Advanced lessons on how to disarm an attacker and fight multiple opponents.
The Self-Defense Handbook Cover

This is the only self-defense training manual you need, because these are the best street fighting moves around.

Discover Real Street Fighting Tactics
 The best target areas for self-defense and which strikes to use.
 How to achieve street fighting knockouts.
 Ground fighting techniques for self-defense.
 Easy to apply strategies for attack and defense.
 The correct way to use choke holds and how to escape them.
 The best self-defense objects from everyday items.
 Weapon vs weapon street fighting training.
 How to adapt what you learn to any situation.
Adapted From Proven Street Fighting Styles
 Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's martial art)
 Vortex Control Self-Defense (eclectic self-defense)
 Kali/Escrima Arnis (Filipino weapon-based martial arts)
 Wing Chun (efficient Chinese martial art)
 Krav Maga (Israel military)
 Systema (Russian military)
 Mixed Martial Arts (strikes and ground fighting)
... and much more!
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'The Self-Defense Handbook'
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 Techniques List Cheat Sheets (Value $15)
 Target Areas ePosters (Value $10)
 Principles of Attack ePoster (Value $5)
 Unarmed Gun Defense Cheat Sheet (Value $5)
 The Most Important Self-Defense Lesson Audio Report (Value $10)
 The Most Important Self-Defense Lesson Transcript (Value $5)
 How to Street Fight eBook (Value $8)
Total Value: $67
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